Where Your Funds Go

Whether you become a host or you donate to a Feast, these are some of the ways you could be supporting people seeking asylum and refugees:

Raising $650

can help provide over 300 community meals so people seeking asylum can share a meal in a welcoming environment, and you’ll be a certified Tastemaker

Raising $1,000

can contribute to one week of crisis accommodation for a family seeking asylum with nowhere to go, and you'll be a certified Kitchen-Whizz

Raising $2,000

can help feed a family for 5 months, ensuring they have fresh fruit and vegetables, and culturally familiar foods, plus you’ll be part of our Chef’s Circle

What Your Support
Makes Possible

The ASRC needs funds more than ever – with inflation and the spiralling cost of living, people seeking asylum are more reliant on our services. With your Feast we can continue to support and empower people to rebuild their lives in Australia.

In 2022-23 FY alone, our supporters and donors helped us deliver so much. Here’s a snapshot: