Host with Your Community

You can also host a Feast as part of your community group. We’ve had some amazing Feasts from church groups, schools, neighbourhood communities and more. It’s a wonderful way to get together and celebrate the rich multicultural fabric of our community.

Register as a Feast for Freedom Community Host today and cook recipes gifted by refugees to help raise funds for people seeking asylum - it’s a meal that makes a difference.

Four Easy Steps

2. Receive Your Host Kit & Meet our Cooks

Discover the recipes gifted to you by Harchana and Reveka, learn more about their stories and start planning your menu.

Our Hero Cooks, both refugees in Australia, have hand-selected delicious dishes from their own cultural traditions for you to cook and share with your guests. You’ll receive their recipes in your Host Kit. You can cook the full menu from one of our Hero Cooks or a mix of recipes, including some of your own family favourites or past Feast recipes.

4. Host Your Feast for Freedom

It’s time to Feast for Freedom, celebrate what unites us and raise funds for people seeking asylum! This is a time to enjoy great food and company, whilst having thought-provoking conversations relating to the refugee issue.

Don’t forget to use our handy online resources and items in your Host Kit, including the conversation cards to keep the dialogue flowing and learn more about the refugee issue.

If you have any other questions about Hosting or Feasting, check out our FAQ page for more information.