Cooks & Recipes

We are delighted to share the celebration of Feast for Freedom with you and introduce you to the incredible people behind the delicious recipes. 

The recipes this year have been generously shared by two refugee women and powerhouses, Harchana (from Malaysia) and Reveka (from Venezuela), for you to cook and enjoy with your family, colleagues or friends. We thank Harchana and Reveka for sharing with us these special favourites that mean so much to them. 

Meet Harchana and her Malaysian Feast

Meet Reveka and her Venezuelan Feast

If this is not your first Feast for Freedom experience and you would like to see some of our favourite recipes from previous years, go to the Recipe Archive. Refugees like Benny & Esmat from 2023, Manel & Masjid from 2022, and Aheda & Niro from 2021, are sharing some gems directly from their kitchens as a sign of support to other refugees and people seeking asylum.  

Feast for Freedom Recipe Archive